How long have you been in the training business?
Why choose OBL over some other service?


What if you don't have a video title or topic I need?
Can I load other programs onto OBL that are not part of your library?
Who has time to sort through 1000s of training videos?


How much does it cost?
How am I billed?
Can I purchase for a month?
If I don't use OBL one month, do I receive a credit for the next month?
Can I just pay for the number of employees I am currently training?
Do you offer refunds if I cancel within 12 months?
How do I cancel?
Do you store my credit card information?


How do I load my employee's info into OBL?
How many trainers can use OBL at the same time?
How do I track each employee’s progress?
How do I train different groups with different programs?
What kind of management reports does OBL generate?
Will this work with the LMS we already have?


What are the technical requirements to use Online Business Learning?